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As the band broke up I moved into a mud brick house in Green Gully Creek outside Newstead. I lived there for 12 months prior to going to Ballarat for three years. I started a little acoustic band, which played a few nights a week. I taught music and singing and, most importantly, the door that had been opened for me, was the ability to perform on television. I struck up a great relationship with Geoff Harvey and, through him, Mike Walsh and then that progressed to Ray Martin. Through these guys I managed to secure regular TV spots that allowed me the luxury of staying in the public eye without having to do the old touring grind. I did the Midday Shows, Hey Hey Its Saturday and other variety shows. In one year alone I had 45 television appearances.

I also appeared on some significant one-off events, such as the opening of the Entertainment Centre in Sydney and the opening of Sanctuary Cove. These appearances allowed me the luxury of national exposure without the pitfalls of having to go out on the road, and I relished the opportunity.

At the same time that this was going on I put together another 4 piece band with James Roach and some of the other band members from the past years - Ross Inglis and Ash Henderson. We worked the Grainstore, yet again, and I started working towards putting together a new album. Deep down I knew that I still had unfinished business, and that I had a burning need to release an album that defined where my place in music was at that moment in time, and more importantly where it was going.

I ended up recording the "Changes" album without record company backing. It was always going to be the result of blood, sweat and tears. I then went out and secured a distribution deal with Polygram, who really liked the album. I personally went out and played for the Polygram staff to generate interest and promote the recording and I sent CD's and personalised letters to the radio stations around Australia. It was important to me that this recording defined my future direction and, more than my previous recordings, it showed all of my influences in one package. Changes received strong airplay nationally and was well received by the media and the public. It was a very easy recording to listen to and the quality of the musicians on the album ensured that it was a classy and professional piece.

I had my TV presence to help promote the recording and friends in the industry like Daryl Summers allowed me the opportunity to play my new music to the national audience. Changes was my first recording in 10 years. In that time records had become CD's and technology had improved dramatically and that showed out in the clarity of the finished product.

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