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Living History is a combination of my two love's, Soul & Country folk, it probably represents the real me better than anything I've done in the past, an extension of 'Changes'.

The songs on this album are much more story telling, with a variety of observations feelings and honest facts. It has songs that seem to touch many different emotions in the listener, like a Neil Simon play. Songs that reflect, like 'Pioneers & Buying Time', songs that speak of the struggle in relationships like 'Leave me the Rain' & 'To late to Tell', to songs that have a lighter, more humorous side, like my brother Terry's poem about our father 'The poor mans Al Jolson' which I turned into a song. And 'Family' which is a tongue in cheek observation of my wife's wonderful Italian family, (the Italian's will get it).

More about 'Living History' is on the Living History page.

Due for release sometime later this year.

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