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Home Grown is the current CD I have out. It came about by a suggestion from Rick Price that I do a CD of my own arrangements of other people's songs, as he had always enjoyed the unique-ness in which I had treated other performers songs.

Now this is no new concept, as many artists have recorded such records, but what makes this unique, is the fact that all the songs on this CD are great Australian songs, icons of the Australian music industry, songs that have become part of our Australian society, songs that have a definite place in our musical history, songs that represent the Australian way of life, the way we think, the way we feel, the very fibre that makes us what we are.

When choosing songs for this album, my criteria was to have songs that had meant something, either in my life i.e. 'The road to Gundagai' as it was a song my parents played on the piano at gatherings in the old shack were I grew up, to songs that touched a nation i.e. 'Land down Under'. Also I wanted to choose songs from the 60's 70's 80's & 90's to show how music may seem to change, doesn't really change that much, only the way we produce and arrange it.

Also I wanted to take people on a journey with the live shows, as we travel though the decades. This CD I recorded myself, the first project I have done where I have done it all myself. I know it possibly would have been better with other muso's on it, but I had to prove something to myself, that I could do it, and there is a uniqueness about a one person project, all the idea's coming out of one head, no matter how strange that one head might be.

Check it out!! I'm interested in your feedback.

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