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Uncorked is a project born out of an idea Jon English and I had when we were touring New Zealand with the 'Pirates of Penzance'. We started doing gigs together to break the boredom of G&S, (as much as we loved it, eight shows a week of anything will get to you sooner or later). These gigs were only performed for the cast and crew, and instantly a wonderful rapport was evident, not only between Jon and myself, but also all those present. As Jon always say's 'we've been playing in different bands together for a long time'. The beauty of the combination is that we have totally different styles and sounds, yet together, somehow it creates a very interesting sound. Jon's influence on my songs, and mine on his is what makes the whole thing so unique.

It's basically an acoustic show, very raw and natural. Our main focus is to have fun, we don't take ourselves or each other too seriously. We don't have anything to prove to anyone, 'we've been there done that'. This is about entertainment.

When we started Uncorked we thought we would perform only at wineries, hence the name, and so we have done a few now, in particular Moorilla Estate in Tasmania. Wineries are wonderful environments for our style of show, and we are partial to a drop of vino ourselves. It was suggested by Jon's brother Jeremy who had spent many years working in television, that we video our exploits for a possible on the road doco' come life style program, some where between 'Spinal Tap & the two fat lady's' an entertaining travel diary; a 'Misadventure'.

So where are we at, at the moment with this project? We travelled to Tasmania in February to do some winery gigs, one at Moorilla in Hobart and the other at Saint Mathias in Launceston. We also spent time travelling around Tassie, filming various places and interesting land marks, we pulled out our guitars and did a few songs for the locals of the 'Mole Creek hotel', checked out some of the great B&B's of Tassie, and even went into a correctional centre for juveniles at Deloraine to talk to the young offender's, a sobering experience to say the least. So all in all, a very interesting trip. We are presently editing up our footage, to present to some of the networks for their consideration. We will keep you posted on any new developments.

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