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still alive - cover

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Track Listing:

1. Movin on Home
2. Kissing
3. World of Make Believe
4. Byron Bay
5. What's Going Onclick for MP3 sample (*MP3 - 500k)
6. Shame on You
7. You Make me Feel Brand New
8. Colour of Your Love
9. Bye Bye
10. So Much Love
11. Work Out Fine
12. Summer Breezeclick for MP3 sample (*MP3 - 427k)
13. Love is All we Need


Album Details:

Released by Empire Records. 2003
Produced by Trevor Carter, Studio 52
Distributed by Empire Records


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still alive

When the phone rang
and the caller asked if I would write these notes, I said it would be my pleasure. When any member of Stylus asks for your input, you know it has been well thought through firstly.

Of course it is my pleasure to write these notes, as it only seems like a year or so since Stylus and myself were “joined at the hip” as artist and manager. My respect for the talent of the group and its individual members has never waned. It has in fact intensified over the years.

The group was born in the early 70’s, the heady years of the Australian music industry, where you were either a rock or pop act. Never was it considered “commercial” to be into any other form of music. Stylus of course came into being as a white soul group and as such, were probably born far before their time of musical acceptance.

This CD - “Still Alive” is a true representation of Stylus. Many of the tunes have virtually been locked in a time capsule, with their writing by Peter, Sam , Ron and Ashley, taking place over a period of years (long gone).

The audiences which were at the recording of this CD were as warm and sincere as the music itself. I sat there each night soaking up the atmosphere of the music, as I had done each night all those years ago. “Still Alive” is a collection of the band’s personal and publicly favourite tunes, performed as only Stylus can perform them – with class and quality.

Stylus pulled at my heart strings in 1975, long before their style of music was readily accepted, and here we are today, it still has the same affect on me. My reply: ”Like brothers, with such a level of immense talent as each other and whose love for the same profession, is very difficult to find paralleled.”

May the Stylus music live on forever.


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